• 1 Concepts : What are the main ideas?
  • The main ideas are that a girl named Carrie looks forward to her summers in the Blue Ridge mountains Until, the government decides to take away her grandfather's and many others land to make a National park and the grandfather tries to fight it.
  • 2 Connections : How does it connect to what you already know ?
well I knew that it was during the great depression because President Roosevelt was in office.Aslo
  • 3 Challenges : What do we find challenging ?
  • Well one thing that was challenging was that Carrie and her grandmother were alone when the CCC boys came to take them out of their home. The whole park business was very hard on Grandpa and that made it hard for the whole family to look at the way that it changed him. Plus the way that grandpa acted when the house was taken was very depressing to watch and feel.
  • 4 Changes : there are a of lot things that change and things that happen throughout the book.