The two characters that I chose to write about are Isabel and Samuel. these characters are from the books Chains and Blood On The River.I compared these two characters in these two or three paragraphs below .

The book that Samuel is in Blood On The River, is about the settlement of James Town in 1607. In the book samuel goes though so much that he has become like a permanent thing that will stay in my mind forever.
The book that Isabel is in Chains, has had so much impact on that way that I look at slavery that that I have realized how much true evil is behind it.
In some ways the two people are the same and in my opinion here are the ways that they are the same, Both were very , very brave, stubborn and independent. both had many hardships and lost both parents.

But even people are twins have one difference and Isabel and Samuel have more than one. For one thing Samuel is a boy and Isabel is a girl and for another thing Samuel is a few years older than Isabel about 100 since he is from the 1600's and she is form the 1700's