Student Learning

Well I just received my wiki today so I have not really done any thing on it yet but I have worked on my blog since I got it.The first thing that I did on my blog was in or under material world. After a few posts on that site, we all moved to crozet 4th grade. Then I made my most popular post, Rainbow. She is my pet beta fish. That post got 12 comments! Since that one was sooooooo popular I tried a story about my cat Annie. That one was a little less popular but it still got 4 comments. Next came the second blog post about a cat Pete. That post was a 3 commenter. After that came the back yard magic one. Let me see, that one got 6 comments. Commenting on posts, even mine, was fun too, but reading them is even funner! (My favorite was Frabby). That is all I have to say.